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Wildlife Holidays

Whilst we can’t guarantee the wildlife – that is the natural beauty of it – we can guarantee to organise an exceptional wildlife holiday for you.

Majestic golden and white-tailed eagles cut through the silence with the beating of their wings, red deer sip from the calm waters of a loch, svelte otters dive through silver waves to catch their prey, sleek dolphins and sometimes whales appear momentarily in the cool, Atlantic waters. If you are observant, you may be fortunate enough to encounter any one of these and a hundred other magnificent creatures in the dramatic wilderness landscapes and teeming waters off Scotland, Ireland and Northern England. Those chances increase enormously in the company of our carefully chosen, local wildlife experts. Our adept guides understand the habits and habitat of the creatures that share the beautiful places they live and work in. They know where – and when – to look, giving you the very best possible opportunity of a thrilling sight.


Wildlife Holidays in Scotland

Scotland’s contrasting, dramatic landscapes wilderness are teeming with hundreds of magnificent creatures – you just need to know where to look. The West Coast– in particular, the Isle of Mull, is one of Europe’s prime habitats for minke whales, bottlenose and common dolphins and basking sharks. Land safaris are also a popular choice on this Hebridean island, with otters and seals basking in seaweed-strewn bays on land, and white-tailed sea eagles soaring far above your head.

Venture further north, and you will find one of the best dolphin-watching spots in the country at Chanonry Point – perfect if you would like to add the thrill of wildlife-watching into a North Coast 500 holiday. Alternatively, head to far-flung Shetland and you will be met with a birdwatcher’s paradise – species including gannets, fulmars, puffs and guillemots can be seen at various times of year. You may even be so lucky to have a rarer treat – orca whales are occasionally spotted off the coast of these most northern isles.

If you would prefer to stay on the mainland, then the Cairngorms National Park – the largest in the UK – and its largely unspoilt terrain are a playground for golden eagles, red deer, red squirrels and pine martens.


Wildlife Holidays in Ireland

Ireland too is abundant with wildlife – particularly around its wild, mesmerising coastlines. From tip to toe, you are sure to have some unforgettable experiences. Off the tip of the Emerald Isle, Rathlin Island off the spectacular Causeway Coast is a breeding ground for thousands of seabirds in the summer months – charming, clown-faced puffins in particular are sure to delight. Alternatively, venture to the very south to the harbour city of Cork, where off the coast you may spot Minke and Fin and Humpback Whales alongside Common Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises.


Wildlife Holidays in England

Visit the Farne Islands, situated just off the coast of Northumberland and discover one of the UK’s most spectacular wildlife habitats with countless species of birds – including puffin, eider, shag and kittiwake – living in harmony with a large colony of grey seals. Dolphins, porpoise and minke whales are a rarer sight, but do keep your eyes peeled!

Norfolk too has wildlife in abundance, and is home to two of Britain’s top RSPB reserves. Barn owls and marsh harries can be viewed all year round, but a treat awaits for those who choose to travel in the autumn and winter months, with the pink-footed geese and wader movement to and from the coast. Bird enthusiasts may also wish to visit the Isles of Scilly, where the majority of the world’s Manx shearwater population can be found breeding throughout the year. But let’s not forget the Scilly shrew too – found exclusively on these islands!

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