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At McKinlay Kidd, we are dedicated to making your holiday a memorable experience.

We are constantly looking for those special and unique things to do and places to stay in Scotland, Ireland and England.

Sometimes you just need an extra special treat or maybe you are celebrating a particular occasion? Want to drive a Ferrari, catch your own fish and eat lunch on the banks of the loch or holiday on a private island? Kayak in the moonlight, stay in a castle or travel the road Daniel Craig did in Skyfall? Dine at some of the very best ‘foodie’ restaurants in Ireland, have your own private wildlife guide in the Cairngorms or marvel at the star-studded skies above Kielder Water & Forest Park, the darkest in England? Land on the sand in a small plane, visit the spectacular, deserted islands of Saint Kilda, re-live the sights, sounds and smells of a bygone era on a steam train or spot whales and dolphins in the wild?

Not everyone’s ‘special’ is the same and that’s why we’d love to talk to you. We’ve hundreds of suggestions for outstanding trips and, whether you have a few days or longer, we’d be thrilled to organise a momentous holiday for you.

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Other Inspirational Holiday Ideas

Why not indulge in some fresh seafood overlooking Loch Fyne?

Food & Drink

Food and drink are high on our list of what makes a good holiday and we’d love to share the regional delights we’ve discovered with you.

Honeymoons & Romance

There’s nothing more romantic than spending quality time with the one you love.

Classic & Sports Car Touring

If you like driving then you’ll absolutely love the thrill of the open road behind the wheel of a classic car.