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AITO Tour Operator of The Year 2016 - Gold Award

Castles & Special Places

Special means different things to different people, but if we are talking about distinctive, out of the ordinary, exceptional, wow places...

…to stay we know a few that might just tick your box. How about an impressive Irish castle estate packed full of history stretching back to the 16th century, or a cool, modern luxury suite on a tiny island with panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean? Maybe you dream about the formal opulence of a renaissance hotel or a sprawling Highland farmhouse with fresh food to die for, a splendid old English coaching inn or a penthouse suite atop a real Scottish castle? Leaving the mainland is always a thrill, whether by ferry to a wee island renowned for peace and tranquillity, by rickety bridge to enter a world of luxury and seclusion – complete with a Michelin star restaurant, or by plane to land on the magical Shetland Isles to enjoy a stay at a haunted hotel. Four-poster beds, stunning views, roaring log fires, fresh seafood: let us know what’s special for you and we’ll make sure we include it as the highlight of your holiday.

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The McKinlay Kidd Guarantee

All our holiday prices include a service charge of £9 per person per night towards the costs we incur in researching, planning and designing your holiday.

We guarantee to refund this service charge if you believe that arranging your holiday through McKinlay Kidd has not met your expectations for value. All we ask is that you write to us within 7 days of your return and explain your reason for claiming the refund. This will ensure that we can improve the experience for all our future guests.

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