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Castles & Special Places

Special means different things to different people, but if we are talking about distinctive, out of the ordinary, exceptional, wow places...

…to stay we know a few that might just tick your box. How about an impressive Irish castle estate packed full of history stretching back to the 16th century, or a cool, modern luxury suite on a tiny island with panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean? Maybe you dream about the formal opulence of a renaissance hotel or a sprawling Highland farmhouse with fresh food to die for, a splendid old English coaching inn or a penthouse suite atop a real Scottish castle? Leaving the mainland is always a thrill, whether by ferry to a wee island renowned for peace and tranquillity, by rickety bridge to enter a world of luxury and seclusion – complete with an acclaimed restaurant, or by plane to land on the magical Shetland Isles to enjoy a stay at a haunted hotel. Four-poster beds, stunning views, roaring log fires, fresh seafood: let us know what’s special for you and we’ll make sure we include it as the highlight of your holiday.

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